Fido’s Story

One day, a bright young puppy named Fido trotted into the local library and quickly endeared himself to the librarians. Fido would nose his way between the dusty stacks to the nonfiction section where he could often be found on an old dog bed in the corner, curled up with a book. As Fido grew older, the librarians began to notice how stiff he seemed after a long day of reading. They tried to give him a supplement for his joints, but Fido didn’t like the tablets. While he recognized the benefits of targeted supplements, he wanted to find a way to enjoy taking his daily vitamins. He became passionate about natural nutraceutical and probiotic ingredients. He devoured biographies of his close relative Einstein and his idols Da Vinci, Newton, and Pasteur. He studied chemical formulas and biology. He began experimenting with formulations in an attempt to develop a supplement that would not only help him stay healthy, but would also taste good.

The more he learned, the more Fido wanted to share his knowledge. He opened a university to educate other dogs about nutrition and healthy living. Between classes, Professor Fido traveled the world to lecture on vitamins, ingredient quality, and dental health. Professor Fido loved teaching, but all the travel was hard on his joints and the aching became worse. One night, he joined some of his students tinkering in the lab with a new, natural formula that might help. After a few tries, they came up with a tasty soft chew supplement that worked! Soon, the professor and his students began formulating additional soft chews, cleansers and treats to create a full line of health products for dogs: Smart Fido USA™.